ODILO allies with CECE to strengthen education in Madrid

  • The edtech will promote different learning areas such as teacher training, STEAM skills, literacy, language learning or alignment with the International Baccalaureate curriculum.
  • Students will be able to reinforce the knowledge they acquire in class with an unlimited catalog of content from ODILO’s more than 7,300 educational providers.
  • The goal of the agreement is to move towards more personalized learning based on the motivations, needs, and abilities of each student.

Madrid, March 20, 2024 – ODILO, the Spanish edtech that allows all types of organizations and institutions to create their own Unlimited Learning Ecosystem, has signed a strategic alliance with the Madrid division of the Spanish Confederation of Education Centers (CECE Madrid), becoming a benchmark for the nearly 100 centers that the association has in the community.

ODILO’s goal is to drive innovation in education and accelerate new disruptive initiatives to solve the challenges facing the sector over the next few years, including leadership training and team building for teachers. ODILO will also launch initiatives such as sessions, or webinars as CECE deems necessary to bring unlimited learning tailored to the needs of students, teachers, and institutions in line with the current challenge of the sector to personalize education.

Thus, ODILO will be able to foster the development of different learning areas such as teacher training, STEAM skills, literacy, and language learning or alignment with the International Baccalaureate curriculum.

“We believe that this new alliance will contribute to improving the quality of service offered by educational centers to students and families. ODILO’s commitment to educational innovation is also an investment in the future so that tomorrow’s generation will be well prepared to face the challenges of the future,” said Juan Chávarri, Secretary General of CECE Madrid.

Ainhoa Marcos, VP Education Spain and Global K12 at ODILO, comments: “CECE Madrid is one of the great educational organizations in the region with which we share the same mission to advance towards quality education to train the generations of the future. We are very proud to have them join our network of partners. We look forward to doing great things together.


ODILO is a digital education company that allows any organization to create its own Learning Ecosystem, offering its users unlimited access to the world’s largest catalog of multi-format educational content, and the ability to create all kinds of learning experiences without restrictions. More than 9,100 organizations from over 54 countries have already created Unlimited Learning Ecosystems that provide access to learning to an aggregate base of +170 million users.

ODILO, the world’s largest educational ecosystem, has content agreements with more than 7,300 providers of digital educational content in all formats (courses, interactive applications, videos, podcasts, press, magazines, audiobooks, books, etc.).

ODILO is a multi-vertical company, which promotes learning in Private Companies, Public and Private Schools, Public and Private Universities, Certified Vocational Training, Public Administration and Government.


The Spanish Confederation of Education Centers (CECE) is a business organization in the education sector that brings together thousands of private and subsidized schools throughout Spain.

CECE has been involved since its inception in the negotiation of all collective bargaining agreements in the sector, provides legal advice to schools and offers continuous training to teachers and school managers. It seeks to contribute to the modernization of an education system that is able to meet the challenges of digitalization and globalization.

We are all – schools, families, teachers and students – united by the same goal: a quality education system that contributes to a better society.

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