Odilo and Telefonica present in Madrid the current situation of the e-book

Do not miss our upcoming event that will take place on October 9. The event will be held in collaboration with Telefónica and will focus on the Integration of different sources of content in libraries and experiences in library management of digital content.

In it we will review the current situation of  the ebook in the United States and elsewhere. We will also discuss the importance of integrating digital content and physical collections and speak about future trends in the consumption of digital content.

The event will feature the following speakers: Marshall Breeding, a reference in technology in libraries and member of the American Library Association and Monique Sendze, Manager of the Evoke Project in Colorado, the first network of digital libraries in the United States. Florencia García Oyanedel,director of the digital public network of libraries in Chile, will also join us to speak about the successful case of Chilean public libraries that work each day with Odilo’s software to grow the digital library.

Other speakers will be Sonsoles Rodríguez, director of the library of the Catholic University of Avila and Manuel Gil, content director in Odilo and a reference in the publishing sector.

If you want to register for the upcoming event access this link: http://www.odilo.biz/evento2014/

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