ODILO becomes a Supporting Partner of the Women Leaders in Education association

  • The agreement between the Spanish edtech and MLE is part of the company’s strategic plans in its commitment to SDGs 4 (quality education) and 5 (gender equality).
  • The alliance will enhance the Association’s efforts to promote inspiring role models for future generations of female talent.

Madrid, March 7, 2024 ODILO, the Spanish edtech enabling various organizations and institutions to create their own Unlimited Learning Ecosystem, has entered into an agreement with the Women Leaders in Education association (MLE) and will act as a supporting partner in the organization’s commitment to enhance and showcase female talent in the education sector.

This initiative aligns with ODILO’s strategy and commitment to SDG 4 (Quality Education) and SDG 5 (Gender Equality), aiming to promote female leadership and support projects led by professional women in the field of educational innovation.

“This agreement with Women Leaders in Education (MLE) is part of our ongoing efforts for real gender equality and female leadership in education. We acknowledge that there is still much work to be done, but at ODILO, we firmly believe in the transformative power of education to build a more equitable future,” emphasizes Ainhoa Marcos, VP Education Spain and Global K12 at ODILO and a member of MLE.

As part of this partnership, ODILO will host an afterwork event for the Association at its Madrid offices. The event will provide a unique space for sharing experiences, networking, inspiring, and empowering female talent in the education sector. The afterwork will create an environment conducive to the exchange of ideas, professional networking, and the strengthening of the female educational community. Prominent figures in the education sector, as well as leaders and entrepreneurs committed to development and gender equality, will be in attendance.

Additionally, as a result of this collaboration, Women Leaders in Education will have exclusive sponsorship from ODILO to launch the first edition of the ‘Educational Female Talent Awards.’ The goal of this initiative is to recognize and highlight the leadership and contributions of women in executive positions within educational institutions, universities, businesses, and education departments. The aim is to acknowledge individual merit and foster inspiring role models for future generations.

“We are delighted to have ODILO on board to carry out these initiatives that will showcase female talent in education. We firmly believe in the power of women’s leadership to drive change and innovation in education, addressing the new challenges faced by the sector,” affirms Ana María Farré, President of Women Leaders in Education.


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