ODILO introduces first Intelligent Digital Library to the Philippines

A live demo of the ODILO Intelligent Digital Library will be introduced in the Philippines in April. ODILO will be presenting its interactive solution in two events: a demo held in the University of the Philippines and ODILO’s presence at this year’s PAARL National Summer Conference, on libraries in the Big Data era.

Digital Library + Virtual Classroom Demo

The event “Intelligent Digital Library & Virtual Classroom Solution” will be held in the School of Economics of the University of the Philippines, on April 22nd.

ODILO will present the leading intelligent digital content lending and literacy enrichment solution, pared up with a virtual classroom solution, to a group of 100 important decision makers in the educational, library and corporate sectors in the Philippines.

Tiago Mateus, ODILO’s CCO, will be introducing the solution and presenting a live demo of a Digital Library and a Virtual Classroom.

The event will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., with opening remarks by Mr. Rey Ignes, CEO and Managing Director of Goldenrey Direct Marketing.

Goldenrey is well known in the Philippines for distributing quality digital content and offering reading and literacy solutions. ODILO has established a partnership with Goldenrey in order to boost the reading and literacy experience in the Philippines, with a customized, easy to use platform.

ODILO Day in the Philippines

Libraries in the Big Data Era

PAARL (Philippine Association of Academic/Research Librarians) is holding a 3-day National Summer Conference on the theme “Repositioning Libraries in Big Data Era: New Methods, Services, and Opportunities” to be held at Robinsons Hotels and Resorts, in Iloilo City, on April 24 to 26.

The conference aims to present research proposals from Filipino librarians relating to the impacts of big data on library services, collections, facilities, and spaces. These research proposals will be further developed and enhanced through mentorship by professors of research. Aside from proposals, guest resource speakers will also be invited to shed light on this topic for the benefit of the librarian-participants.

ODILO will be attending the Conference and jointy present our Intelligent Digital Library Solution with Goldenrey.

Pre-registration is required to attend the event: https://bit.ly/2CRoAw

What ODILO offers

ODILO’s Intelligent Digital Library offers personalised content collections. Users can access ebooks, audiobooks, e-learning materials, magazines, SCORM, videos and other multimedia titles, all in one place. This way, the platform offers personalised content recommendations to all learners. ODILO offers customized learning solutions to school and university students, teachers, parents, employees, HR managers, librarians, public library users and more.

In addition to that, it is possible to add your own content to your digital library and having it all in one place. ODILO’s solution allows institutions to gather research materials, videos, presentations and more.

It is also possible to interconnect platforms across institutions to save money: all institutional members can have both shared content repository and contents that are only available for each member’ s community.

Moreover, ODILO’s personalised virtual classrooms and book clubs allow learners to exchange knowledge and deepen their learning of digital titles read, available in 42 languages. All members of the virtual classroom or book club will have access to a private learning space where they can access bespoke reading plans. ODILO promotes knowledge exchange, creativity and critical thinking skill development- such as creativity, critical thinking, leadership, communication skills, teamwork- with the use of interactive social capabilities.

ODILO is experienced in working with important universities, public libraries, public and private schools and corporations all over the world. We work with more than 4.500 institutions in 43 countries. Our platform has more than 140 million granted users who have access to more than 2 million digital content titles.