ODILO Summit 2019: ODILO gathers its team from all over the world in Spain

odilo Summit 2019

“The greatest predictor of a person’s educational success is the number of books they have at home. Precisely for this reason, what we do in ODILO is so important; we focus on giving equal access to content”, recalled Rodrigo Rodríguez, ODILO´s CEO, during the ODILO Summit 2019.

The event was held in Cartagena, Murcia, and brought together the entire ODILO team in order to review the achievements of 2018 and focus on the goals and challenges that 2019 brings worldwide.

Members of ODILO traveled from the United States, Colombia, Panama, Chile, Italy, Argentina, the United Kingdom and other countries of the world, for an intense 2-days work event in which the strategy was outlined to continue promoting educational equality, and access to unlimited training through our multimedia solutions.

“Ministers of Education, CEOs of large companies, directors of libraries and rectors of universities of the world ask us how they can have their own “Netflix of education” with ODILO. We are definitely doing something right “, emphasized Tiago Mateus, CCO of ODILO.

During the ODILO Summit, the importance and impact of access to reading in homes were recalled: the more content a home library has, the greater the impact on the reading abilities of the children living in it. That is why what ODILO offers is so important; with our solution, an infinite library of contents and learning possibilities reaches homes.

“Reading is the basis of all other skills and knowledge.” This phrase resonated during the presentations of our Key Account Managers, Content Managers, the Archiving and Digital Preservation Director and other managers and key employees, inspired by Obama. This is the phrase that reminds us of our mission in ODILO: to bring education and literacy opportunities to every corner of the world.

“We can be sure that our platform will improve the educational situation in many countries. We are an important part of the 4th industrial revolution”, our Director of the Government and Public Administration area for Latin America and Africa, Antonio Correia, reminded us.

ODILO’s intelligent content platforms allow for the development of literacy and competency skills, essential in the XXI century (like critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration).

In the public sector, the numbers speak for themselves: the Ministry of Education of Chile, the Plan Ceibal of the public libraries of Uruguay, the State Library of New South Wales in Australia, the Department of Education of the Government of Navarra or the public schools of Extremadura, in Spain, have had significant increases in reading rates through access to content such as ebooks, audiobooks, e-learning courses, videos and more. In addition, reading is shared at home and becomes a habit as parents also benefit from access to the platforms.

In the corporate sector, ODILO’s solutions represent a great benefit for employees, with a personalized multimedia learning experience, and access to content and the ability to enter uninterruptedly with offline and online modes. Companies such as Vodafone, Skoda, InsudPharma and more, make a clear commitment to continuous learning for their employees and offer them catalogs of personalized content to work in soft skills and hard skills, as well as Digital Book Clubs for employees and entrepreneurs.

For universities, the possibility of perfectly combining content generated by the educational center, scientific databases, and external content has given our clients excellent results by incentivating reading habits, granting access to the most complete university content marketplace. The University of Seville, the University of Valencia and the Polytechnic University of Cartagena are examples of institutions satisfied with the implementation of the ODILO solution.

Working for digital preservation

For his part, Francisco José Valentín, Director of the Archive and Digital Preservation Area, reminded us that our success is the success of our clients and reviewed with the whole team the contribution that ODILO makes to digital preservation and the incentive of the use of documents through the improvement of the user experience.

As part of the positive experiences, Valentin highlighted that it is now the success stories of our clients that speak for ODILO. For example, the Archive of the University of Castilla La Mancha and the Tinajo City Council Archive have seen important improvements in their management and are considered examples to follow in forums and conferences of the sector throughout Spain.

ODILO’s preservation and archiving solutions focus on enabling citizens to access their information remotely and in real time, without having to go to a filing office in person. With this, we aim to facilitate the lives of end users and archivists.

The content goes beyond a documentary collection only: with ODILO it is possible to include video files of local television stations, photo collections, audio recordings, local newspapers and magazines, and much more. Part of the advantages is being able to grant differentiated and controlled access to information, depending on the type of user.

Improvements in functionalities

During the ODILO Summit, some of the technological innovations were announced and the work done by our technicians every day to improve the user experience was highlighted.

Some of the new features include personalized suggestions for content, more languages, new tools for teachers and administrators and reading clubs with a greater possibility of personalization. These and other improvements will be announced in detail very soon.

Every day we add content and we already have more than 2 million titles. By 2019, we focus on new formats: more videos, magazines, newspapers, podcasts, webinars, games and more.

Finally, Rodrigo, our CEO, reminded us all why we are part of ODILO: we are to give the world access to education, access to culture and to make all digital content accessible to all, without distinction.

Let’s keep breaking barriers!