Reading make us happier and a study proves it

International Happiness Day

Celebrate International Happiness Day with a book!


Immersing yourself into your favorite book generates happiness, as it has been proven by different studies. So, what better than to dedicate some time reading today March 20th, on International Happiness Day?

A study carried out by the University of Rome III, found that reading makes people happier, more optimistic, better prepared to face negative emotions, less aggressive and take better advantage of their free time, after a survey to 1,100 people.

In short, readers are happier than those who do not read. Researchers conclude that reading plays an important role at the cognitive and emotional level as the perception of happiness among those who read is greater. Applying indexes such as Veenhoven’s Measurement of Happiness and scales such as the Diener to record the degree of satisfaction with life, researchers have reached these conclusions.


International Happiness Day

The United Nations (UN) established March 20 as the International Day of Happiness since 2012. This celebration responds to the universal human need and aspiration to enjoy greater well-being and maximum happiness.

The UN ensures the achievement of 17 Sustainable Development Goals in order to reduce poverty and inequality, to ultimately improve global welfare of society. At ODILO, we work to guarantee access to quality reading since it is the key to improving educational levels and reducing inequalities and, consequently, increasing overall welfare and societal happiness.


We invite you to read more, to be happier!