Rodrigo Rodríguez, CEO of ODILO: “We foster ambition to do new things and the desire to break the status quo.”

  • ODILO is a multinational leader in EdTech. Born in Cartagena, Murcia, its unlimited learning ecosystems reach more than 170 million users in 52 countries around the world. 
  • Recently, they have raised 60 million euros in a financing round that will allow them to grow as never before in terms of content and technology catalog, as well as to increase their global workforce.
  • We spoke with its CEO, Rodrigo Rodríguez, about the company’s new horizons, its employer branding, strategy and lessons learned.

ODILO’s mission is to empower every person to become the best version of themselves and to enable any organization to deliver unlimited, frictionless learning in the most efficient way and to generate maximum value.

And how does it do this? Through the creation of the new category “Create your own unlimited learning ecosystems”, which allows companies, schools, universities, and specialized training centers, among others, to have a customized ecosystem where they can offer all possible educational content and experiences in an integrated way and in a single application. More than 8,500 organizations already have their own unlimited learning ecosystems.

This new category allows organizations to benefit from being able to offer their learners, teachers, employees, administrators or families access to their own personalized ecosystem.  According to users the platform is in the style of “Netflix/Spotify,” configured and tailored to each organization and learning program, intelligently selecting the best educational resources and learning experiences from millions of options to suit the preferences and needs of each organization and each user and putting them just a click away. Organizations can even measure and certify any form of learning, using the data to improve their training programs.

ODILO recently raised €60 million in the largest round of financing raised by an edtech company in the history of Spain so far this year, led by Bregal Milestone, a leading European technology growth capital firm.

60 million will make the company even more ambitious in its development plans.

This financing will have an impact on its commercial scope and will mean that “we will have to modify our structure to be increasingly broader and more specialized“, as Rodriguez explains. “We are in a process of change from generalists to specialists” which will result in an “ambitious growth plan of the workforce both at the headquarters in Cartagena and in the rest of the subsidiaries, which covers practically the entire company, from the product area, support, finance…”

The goal is to “also grow in technology, where we are making a very strong investment through new learning experiences”. This includes learning clubs, employee onboarding plans, virtual classes, reader plans, certified itineraries, career plans, alumni programs, etc., with no restrictions on formats, platforms or copyrights.

In addition, ODILO has a strong commitment to expanding the content catalog (ebooks, audiobooks, courses, magazines, educational applications, videos, educational titles, summaries, etc.), which is already the largest in the world, with more than 3.9 million resources from more than 6,300 leading providers in 43 languages.

“The company is already on this path, but this funding round is going to allow us to accelerate it,” explains the company’s CEO.

What kind of profiles is ODILO looking for?

An “ODILER” combines great knowledge of and interest in the technological or e-learning world, along with a passion for sharing and learning from the best every day. “ODILO offers its employees the opportunity to work on very complex challenges – emphasizes Rodriguez – surrounded by high level peers in an environment that fosters high performance, speed and relevance in decision making.”

Prestige and professional development are a fundamental part of the company’s make-up. In fact, its goal is to continue recruiting professionals who challenge themselves every day to be the best in their management areas. Profiles who “are very interested in ownership and want to take responsibility very quickly, without waiting to be told what they have to do”.

Benefits for “ODILERS”

As part of its employer branding strategy, ODILO offers a wellness plan in which employees have access to psychologists, coaches and resources to support them in their work and personal needs. The company has opted for the hybrid work mode and its employees spend an average of 66% of their time working from home; in addition, there are flexible working hours and the possibility of reduced working hours.

“We understand that keeping our workforce competitive through continuous training is the key to keeping abreast of the latest developments and trends,” Rodrigo points out. Thus, both employees and their families have access to the ODILOFY platform, which has content specifically designed to enhance professional and personal development. They also have access to unlimited experiences, continuous and frictionless learning.

The digital education scale-up already has more than 300 employees. And, in addition to Cartagena and Madrid, it already has offices in twelve other cities in Europe, the United States, South America, Africa and Asia. Its clients include companies such as Vodafone, Nestlé, Banco Santander and Peking University, among other institutions, governments and companies.

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