ODILO, from Cartagena, among the favorites for high-performance profiles

Driving every person to become the best version of themselves and ensuring that any organization can offer unlimited, frictionless, learning in the most efficient way and generate maximum value. This is the mission that drives ODILO from Cartagena, the multinational e-learning company that has reached more than 170 million users in 52 countries around the world with its unlimited learning ecosystems, and is positioned as one of the favorite companies to work for in the Region of Murcia.

ODILO is a scaleup that fosters high-performance environments, speed and relevance in decision making. A mentality of learning, ownership, and results is the characteristic that best defines ODILERS.

The company’s selection process allows it to identify profiles that combine a great knowledge and interest in the technological or e-learning world, together with a passion for sharing and learning every day from the best; they are the ones who make it through an important filter. Thus, ODILO creates a positive feedback loop in attracting talent.

What makes this company one of the Region’s favorite companies to work for? Two aspects are key: multiple benefits for employees, as well as the prestige and professional development it offers.

Indeed, it is a company’s good practices that attract and retain the best talent, as high staff turnover translates into considerable losses for an organization.

For ODILO, the development of its employees is fundamental, so both employees and their families have access to the ODILOFY platform, which has content specifically designed for them, as well as the largest digital educational catalog in the world.

The well-being of each “ODILER” is the first priority, so a wellness plan has been established in which they have access to psychologists, coaches, and resources to support them in their work and personal needs. The company also has strict anti-corruption, equality, criminal compliance, and anti-harassment policies. The hybrid work method facilitates the reconciliation of family and work, and flexible remuneration is another valued point.

ODILO also promotes the integration of its teams through annual Summits. Given the great benefits of exercise, it also sponsors and supports internal soccer teams, competitions, races, etc.

For these reasons, the Cartagena-based company, leader in digital education, has excellent talent on its staff, not only in the region, but worldwide, and seeks to continue incorporating professionals who challenge themselves every day to be the best in their management areas.

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