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Intelligent digital library and book clubs

Introducing <Your Company Name> University + Book Club

Welcome to the intelligent digital library solution for your employees:

  • In days, create your own company-branded digital content reading library for your employees.
  • Upload your own learning content and catalog of top-shelf multi-media titles - professional, technical or soft skills related.
  • Create your own virtual book clubs to have your employees exchange knowledge and deepen their understanding of materials they have learned.
  • Track all activity in a powerful, easy to use platform.
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Stimulate love for reading. Save money. Achieve learning and literacy objectives.


Personalise your content catalog
  • Handpick the content you like from 2m titles or access a specialised curated catalog.
  • Specialised content designed for personal and professional development in each department: sales, marketing, leadership, management, legal, technology, programming and lot more.
  • Access the bestselling international magazines (over 3,000).
  • Many content formats: ebooks, audio, video, magazines, scorm...
  • Available in 42 languages, including English and Spanish.
Lifelong learning and unlimited reading
  • With your intelligent digital solution, your employees can access all content from anywhere, anytime, any place from their smartphone.
  • With offline and accessibility capabilities, learning is truly accessible to all.
Personalize your digital experience
  • In matter of days we can design your own web and app solution with your own content and look and feel. Personalised learning at its best. Stay at the forefront of innovation.
Add your own content in one place
  • Develop a single repository of high-value content for your employees to maximise engagement and simplify access to important training and learning materials.
Personalised book clubs
  • Your employees can access a private learning space where they can access bespoke reading plans with “virtual classrooms”.
  • Establish defined activities to ensure they are actively reading and learning.
  • Promote knowledge exchange, creativity and critical thinking skill development with the use of interactive social capabilities.
  • Assess your employees and monitor their performance in a grade book.
Detailed, Real-time Reading Analytics
  • In a single dashboard or with periodic reports, access all vital statistics on all reading activity, reading comprehension and social interactions.
  • Your employees benefit from a gamified reading experience to encourage healthy reading habits – e.g. see the first and last date, total reading time and percentage read of every book, etc.

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