The EdTech Industry launches a free Unlimited Learning Ecosystem in support of Ukrainian refugee children

  • #EdTechStandsWithUkraine is a 100% non-profit project born to support refugee children and families so that they can continue their Ukrainian educational program, learn the language and culture of their host country, and feel like part of a community.
  • The movement is made possible through collaboration with Ukrainian partners: content providers, volunteer teachers, and refugee associations.
  • Through a unique smart platform, refugees will be able to freely access an unlimited learning ecosystem where they can also enjoy a space of calm, free from constant media information about the war.
  • The Unlimited Learning Ecosystem is a hub for Ukrainian publishers so that they can continue to operate thanks to the publishing of their digital content. #EdTechStandsWithUkraine, through a marketplace, will connect suppliers with schools and libraries, ensuring that books reach children.
  • The Edtech industry demonstrates that technology can have a very positive impact on the development of children’s education.
  • During the COVID-19 crisis, ODILO’s resources,  together with governments and associations worldwide, were put in service of facilitating children’s education worldwide.

Madrid, April 1, 2022.- The EdTech sector in Spain, in partnership with associations, ministries, volunteers, libraries, and schools, among others, is launching the #EdTechStandsWithUkraine movement to contribute its resources to refugees of the war in Ukraine and facilitate unlimited access to learning that allows Ukrainian educational programs to continue and at the same time makes the delivery of  books from Ukrainian publishers possible.

#EdTechStandsWithUkraine powered by ODILO, the world’s largest educational ecosystem, together with Ukrainian partners, will help refugee children and their families to learn the language and culture of their host countries interactively and to maintain their educational program in their native language online. In addition, the ecosystem provides an avenue for entertainment and connection with other students that allows them to find a calm space despite their difficult situation.

Through an intelligent platform similar to those used by Netflix or Spotify, refugees will be able to access for free thousands of resources from providers around the world in different formats (e-books, audiobooks, videos, movies, courses, etc.) for language learning, curriculum tracking in Ukrainian, or entertainment.

In addition, they will be able to access educational experiences designed for families, reading or learning clubs, virtual language classes, and webinars to support cultural adaptation or entertainment activities with other refugee children taught by teachers and volunteers. This will also be a way to generate community, so they can support each other from a distance and meet other children their age in the host country.

The program also incorporates the launch of a marketplace. Thanks to companies like Odilo, the Edtech industry is positioning itself as the HUB for local partners, helping Ukrainian publishers to continue operating thanks to print-on-demand for their digital content. This will allow them to overcome logistical distribution bottlenecks and simplify the process for libraries, schools, and European institutions to acquire physical books in Ukrainian and deliver them to children.

The #EdTechStandsWithUkraine website has been developed along with a URL and mobile app to access the digital ecosystem. You can now request information and sign up as a volunteer teacher or facilitator.

Educational technology again fills a need at the European level, as in the case of Odilo during the pandemic lockdown, making available to children worldwide an unlimited learning ecosystem to bring students closer to teachers, with the same goal; to contribute their bit in a philanthropic way.


  • “It turns out to be a necessary initiative at this time. I am happy to help by connecting volunteers, families, and providers with Odilo so that children and families can continue their education,” Liliya Hlushko – Ukrainian citizen living in Spain, who actively collaborates with #EdtechStandsWithUkraine.
  • “It is a point of pride to be able to do our bit while demonstrating our true mission: democratizing access to high-quality education and adapting to the needs of the world,” Fatima Bigeriego – Strategic Partnership Manager, ODILO.

About ODILO: ODILO is the largest educational ecosystem in the world. ODILO #UnlimitedLearning creates unlimited learning ecosystems in organizations to help them reach their full potential and offers its services to educational (colleges and universities), corporate, and government organizations, as well as public libraries.

ODILO provides access to the best educational content in the world thanks to more than 7,000 top providers worldwide, is present in more than 50 countries, has more than 170 million users, and more than 8 thousand organizations have already become Unlimited Learners. It also collaborates with 19 Ministries of Education around the world.

The #UnlimitedLearning ecosystem is powered by artificial intelligence so that the entire ecosystem adapts to the type of learner (whether student or employee) and can create unique learning experiences for each organization. Thanks to an exclusive BI system (a module that measures learning hours invested in specific subjects or topics, type of content consumed, etc.), the ecosystem can be fully and continually updated to suit each profile.

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