Startups’ Oasis: Interview with Rodrigo Rodriguez, CEO of Odilo

How would you explain what Odilo does to someone who’s never heard of it?

Odilo is a B2B2C company that has created a new category in the education market: Create your own Unlimited Learning ecosystems. 

Odilo allows any organization to create its own fully customized learning ecosystems, and offer its users unlimited access to the world’s largest catalog of educational content and create all kinds of learning experiences without restrictions.

#UnlimitedLearning allows, through artificial intelligence, the creation of unique learning paths and experiences for both organizations and users.

  1. What makes Odilo unique?

That it has created a new category in the Edtech sector, whereby, Odilo enables organizations to benefit from offering their learners, teachers, employees, administrators, or families access to their own personalized ecosystem, including:  

  • The world’s largest digital educational catalog with titles and learning experiences from over 6,300 of the best providers of ebooks, courses, podcasts, videos, magazines, journals, newspapers, educational resources, summaries, movies, or educational apps in 43 different languages.    
  • The only solution that allows the native creation and consumption of all types of learning experiences (learning clubs, employee onboarding plans, virtual classes, reader plans, certified itineraries, career plans, alumni programs, etc.) using any type of content without the limitations of format, copyright or integrations that previous educational categories had.
  • A “Netflix/Spotify” style platform, configured and tailored to each organization and learning program, that intelligently selects and puts at a click away the best educational content and learning experiences among millions of options to suit the preferences and needs of each organization and each user.

Odilo has the only Business Intelligence system that can measure all possible forms of learning (multiple formats and devices, in collaboration with others, in class or in leisure time, on the go, etc.), allowing organizations to measure and certify any form of learning, as well as the data-based evidence to know the educational results of any content and methodology and thus constantly improve their training programs.

  1. What were the early days of Odilo like? How was the founding team formed?

It all started at lunch at home, where we talked about digitizing a library and multiplying the reach of content to users. Odilo was born from this idea, and now, after several years, it allows organizations to create their own ecosystem and learning experiences. 

  1. How has Odilo’s product changed and adapted until it hit the right key?

The company found that despite the significant investment made by companies in learning platforms and licensing multiple educational content providers, the usage metrics and educational outcomes achieved by most were not meeting the minimum expectations. 

This problem was due to a hyper-fragmented and disconnected market for educational solutions, which forces companies to have to offer limited learning content (limited to a few formats or educational providers among the hundreds of possible options) and only be able to create limited learning experiences (due to technical restrictions of formats, platforms or copyrights), thus only covering a small part of the users’ learning needs and interests.  

In this framework, Odilo creates the category “Create your own unlimited learning ecosystems” with a different approach and vision to the rest of the Elearning providers; since it is the only platform with the largest digital educational catalog in the world, configured and designed to fit each organization, which intelligently selects and offers the best educational content and learning experiences in one click among millions of options to suit the preferences and needs of each organization and user.

  1. At what point did you realize that Odilo could become one of the biggest companies in Spain?

When we saw that the business worked very well from the beginning because when we told universities, libraries, or the public sector, for example, they saw very clearly the efficiency and benefits, and this gave us a lot of motivation to continue.

  1. How was your last fundraising process? Why Bregal?

The process has been intense, and the entire Odilo team has worked with a lot of dedication, passion, and commitment; because this round will allow us to continue to globally drive the unlimited learning movement, allowing any organization to easily evolve its educational platforms with limited content and depersonalized programs, to its new unlimited digital ecosystem, which configured to suit each organization according to their own training programs, will allow them to offer personalized, unlimited and lifelong training demanded by their students and users.

And why Bregal Milestone? Because it is the leading technology growth capital firm in Europe, managing more than 1.1 billion euros dedicated to investments in high-growth technology companies.

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