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Companies need #UnlimitedLearning Ecosystem

The Learning Ecosystem is often Fragmented and Limited

Companies tend to face limitations in the following that impair all learning:
User Experience

Learning technologies often are not user friendly or personalized to learners needs and require jumping around between multiple platforms.


The content available from current vendors is limited in format, quality and catalog size, and thus does not appeal to all types of learners.

Learning Methodologies

Investment in LMS + LXP often doesn’t support lifelong learning or doesn’t flexibly support all learning processes to maximise learning outcomes.


With multiple vendors it is difficult to establish a clear, centralized view on which learning programs drive business impact.

Learning & Development Without Limits

Unlock the power of your talent with an #UnlimitedLearning Ecosystem

Fully personalised, end-to-end Unlimited Learning Ecosystem to empower each individual's growth and development journey. Single point of access and cost-efficient learning solution

Unlimited Learning

The largest educational catalog in the world with 3 million+ multimedia resources. Curated and tailor-made learning experiences accessible from all devices, anytime and anywhere


Develop company-wide, team-based or user-driven initiatives to promote a diverse, inclusive, and sustainable culture

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Why do L&D Leaders need #UnlimitedLearning?

Economic Savings

We can replace some of your providers, eliminating the need for investing in new ones, or outsource services to our experienced team.

Learner Engagement

With unified access from only one app, your learners will enjoy the best, frictionless experience they have always dreamed of.

Learning Insights

Centralized learning intelligence powered by Data & Analytics to develop actionable strategic insights and optimize the decision making process.

The Impact of #UnlimitedLearning is Transformative


Increase learning habits

Up to 100%

active learning

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“During the research phase where we decided on our requirements, we looked at quite a few existing market options, and ODILO was one of the providers that had the best fit with us.”
“Elektra Group’s library has awoken a high capacity of wonder, curiosity, and interest in reading in a self-taught manner. Reading has fostered creativity, proactivity, a collaborative spirit and even happiness amongst our employees. It has also made our Group, in part, an incredible place to work.”
“ODILO offers us an exciting solution with a wide range of titles, allowing us to complement many of our development programs. The simplicity of use, including user interface and navigation within the application, has made our employees embrace the app very quickly.”