Closer than we seem

We’ve been through a lot in 2020.  What began as a normal January brought us, within a few months, to one of the greatest challenges of our lives. The arrival of COVID-19 has surprised us all and keeping up our daily routine has become a long-distance race.  Despite these difficulties, the ODILO team has once again gone above and beyond.  Looking back, we can say how proud we are that the entire team came together to face adversity with a single objective: offering the best possible service to everyone who relies on Unlimited Learning Ecosystems in order to keep up the education and training of students all over the world. However, this has also been the year that we managed to stay connected even though we couldn’t see each other every day.  It’s been the year we realized that whatever happens, we’re always closer than we seem.  And that deserves a toast.

Let’s celebrate together

Although we can’t meet to celebrate the holidays together the way we’d like, that’s no reason to stop toasting each other and ourselves for the amazing work we’ve done and for all that we’ve lived through.  And why not do that anyways, even at a distance? In order to make this toast happen, we’d like to propose that you upload photos or videos of yourselves celebrating the holidays from home in the Christmas_Photos_2020 folder.  You could share a special moment, a few words, a memory, or a New Year’s resolution.  Imagination encouraged!  The key is that all of us who are a part of ODILO, wherever we may be in the world, gather virtually in a single toast. In January we can all vote for the upload we like best, and the winner will receive a prize.  Interested? You can upload the photo directly from your cell phone or computer, but remember to name it in the following way: IM_YOURNAME_NAVIDAD.
Upload your photo here

A toast to you, although I can’t see you

Let’s raise a glass to the shared moments, to colleagues who’ve lent us a hand with projects when we were working against the clock and who have used their imaginations to solve any problem.  Let’s toast to those whose families have grown this year, and because our ODILO family is growing all the time.  Let’s toast to our efforts, to having finished those books we always meant to read, for everything we wanted to try during quarantine, and for the five-star dish we learned to cook.  Let’s toast because we take the good in everything and continue to gain new passions every day. Let’s raise a glass to each other and to our friends.  We’ll toast to those we talk to every day and those who, although we don’t see them, are always with us and are closer than they seem. And finally, let’s toast to a 2020 that is taking its leave and a 2021 that, above all the uncertainty and surprises, will surely bring us new reasons to celebrate.