The Community of Madrid introduces “MadREAD sin limites”, its digital platform powered by ODILO

As part of the commitment of the Community of Madrid (Spain) to promote distance education and equal access to all kinds of educational content and to nurture new resources for teachers, parents and students, today they introduce ‘MadREAD sin límites’, the interactive digital learning ecosystem for all students of the Community of Madrid, developed by ODILO.

Thanks to this initiative, more than 690,000 students will be able to enjoy free access to thousands of titles in a wide variety of formats (books, audiobooks, podcasts, magazines, videos, movies and much more) and participate in different activities such as reading clubs or debates with renowned contemporary authors.

The content in ‘MadREAD sin límites’ is available in several languages, and the titles are structured by stages and educational levels to facilitate students’ access to the most appropriate and interesting works for their age. In addition, thanks to the platform’s technology, students will be able to obtain monitoring reports on their improvement in reading, writing, and learning, as well as interact with their teachers and other students.

For teachers, this platform offers a complete training experience by combining face-to-face and virtual teaching. Through it, teachers can create their own reading and learning plans, adapting them to the necessary subjects and their content.

The platform also allows enriching lessons with multimedia elements, recommendations, extensions or clarifications of content, and even the creation of specific activities for students. In addition, technology makes it possible to adapt learning experiences to the different special needs of students such as dyslexia and visual difficulties, among others.


Unlimited learning

The ‘MadREAD sin límites’ platform is part of a comprehensive learning plan of the Community of Madrid that includes content in Spanish, English, French and German which each educational center can customize according to their needs. ‘MadREAD sin límites’ works multi-device and multi-platform, with or without Internet connection, and allows a multitude of activities that promote collaborative learning, creation and publication of content, and participation in reading clubs or debates with authors.

“The learning ecosystem ‘MadREAD sin límites’ has been designed with the latest technology so that, in a totally personalized way, the educational community of the Community of Madrid can enjoy interactive reading and learning plans totally adapted to the needs and interests of each center, each teacher and each student ”, explains Rodrigo Rodríguez, CEO of ODILO, the company behind the development of the platform.


Technology at the service of education 

This technology makes use of Artificial Intelligence, which allows teachers to analyze the reading and learning capacity of each student, adapting the content and study plans to their needs in order to improve their understanding and written communication skills.

In addition, the library offers thousands of different options for the study of all subjects such as language, STEM areas, or didactic materials for language learning.

Additionally, in order for the educational community to get the most out of the ‘MadREAD sin límites’ platform and enjoy a complete experience, a comprehensive training plan has been designed for teachers and other members of the educational community. This plan is made up of online training (webinars), adapted content and a constant assistance plan for each center, among other activities that will take place over time.

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