Corporate Learning Day 2023

On November 22nd, ODILO participated in Corporate Learning Day 2023, an event that brought together over 650 HR and Training professionals, where we shared key strategies for developing personalized skills in teams and best practices in corporate training.

From our role as moderators of the roundtable “Training as a Lever for Social Transformation,” we emphasized how training can drive significant social change. Additionally, we reaffirmed our commitment to unlimited and personalized learning, aligned with various business strategies and the specific needs of each employee.

During the session, representatives from Alcampo, Grupo Alsea, Kiabi, and SEUR shared their visions and commitments to talent development and continuous training. They highlighted the importance of offering personalized solutions to facilitate training for both employees and customers.

The event emphasized the relevance of offering specialized programs in various areas. ODILO’s mission aligns with this social transformation, creating unlimited and flexible training ecosystems tailored to each company’s strategy and the individual needs of each employee, taking into consideration the individuals  learning habits. This commitment not only drives professional excellence but also fosters personal development, contributing to the overall well-being of our employees. At ODILO, we understand that training goes beyond acquiring skills; it is a vehicle for comprehensive transformation that positively impacts society and the individual.

We thank all attendees and those who joined our roundtable to explore innovative strategies and learn about success stories that are making a difference. Your participation significantly contributed to the success and enrichment of this event.