Embracing the lockdown as a family learning time

Embracing the lockdown as a family learning time


In sectors where working from home is a viable alternative, this option has been key in dealing with the health crisis caused by COVID-19. Many of us are at home, and while we are still busy with our usual work activities, we may not know how to spend the rest of the time in this quarantine.

Although confinement can be complicated, it can also be used to develop projects and activities as a family. If your company is committed to personal development and has a learning tool, you can use it to carry out activities of personal interest. Here, we’d like to tell you a little bit about how.

Lean on digital learning solutions for family activities during the quarantine

Nowadays, many companies are already aware of the importance of offering their employees different resources for not only their professional but also their personal development. Within this framework, many choose to make their learning tools and digital solutions available to their employees, allowing them to access varied content for training, reading, and learning.

If you have access to this type of tool, you have the perfect resource at your disposal to do different activities with your family and avoid confinement turning into boredom. We’d like to give you some examples:

  • Reading as a hobby

Companies that have a digital library offer their employees access to titles from numerous providers, covering countless topics. If you have access to such a solution, this quarantine may be the occasion to resume reading activities that are often helpful not only to continue growing professionally but also to relax and grow on a personal level. In addition, by having access to different genres and themes adapted to various age ranges, if you have children you can also share readings with them, making it an easily accessible family activity.

  • Take advantage of diversified content

The right learning tools not only offer reading content, but also a variety of resources, in different formats and languages: magazines, audiobooks, podcasts, videos, etc. Having access to diversified content allows you to ensure a certain variety in your activities in order to maintain a “changing” effect that may be more difficult to obtain while being locked up at home. If after lunch you can read some pages of your favorite book, at night you can listen to a podcast to deepen your knowledge on a topic of shared interest and on the weekend, you can read kids stories with your children, thus making the most out of the digital solution you already have.

  • Keep your training active from a distance

Also, relying on the digital library or learning tool that your company offers you allows you to continue training and developing from home. If you are following a training process to improve or acquire skills, you can continue to do so even if you are not physically going to your office. On the other hand, since these solutions offer content for all ages, your children can also take advantage of them to keep their training process active. In this way, each family member can continue learning autonomously, through improved materials and learning plans built for each one according to their age, objectives, and interests.

As you have seen it, despite being complicated, this quarantine also offers some possibilities, as long as we can identify and use them. Therefore, if you have access to a learning and development tool, we invite you to lean on it to carry out family activities and thus make the most out of the great opportunity it represents.