How to bring enjoyment in reading in your classroom

ODILO, a personalised digital solution for developing reading habits


1.99 billion children under 15 in the world… 

… and more than 1.99 billion preferences, areas of interest, and ways to learn.

Every single one of us is unique, influenced by our environment, our family, our country and by so many other elements in our surroundings that it would be impossible to replicate that special essence that makes us… us. 

From our earliest childhood until we humbly leave this world, we all walk our road developing a variety of interests and passions, and discovering the topics that awaken our curiosity. These interests often lead us to our hobbies, our careers, our friends and sometimes simply to the pure pleasure of reading and knowing. So as a kid, curiosity is key to fostering not only learning but also the enjoyment of it which directly affects the motivation and thereby performance, wrapping up the positive cycle of education. 

Offering a variety of formats to cover one topic is a simple way to adapt a lesson to the different ways of learning that exist in a classroom. Inversely, giving the choice of various topics to carry out the same reading task, for example, is an easy way to open up a space where the pupil can leverage his own points of interest for educational purposes. But while keeping your students stimulated by the discoveries they make every day at school is a crucial mission, it can also turn out to be quite challenging. 

Having the relevant resources to generate that special spark in each one of them brings up some complex issues: 

  • management of a significant volume of content
  • access to diverse formats
  • infinity of topics to address

Luckily, the digital era we’re evolving in has opened a wide range of possibilities to cope with those challenges. As a matter of fact, rather than an unwelcome distraction, technology can be a powerful ally when it comes to education. 

How come? Implementing a personalised Netflix-styled reading and writing platform for schools can help you bring enjoyment in the classroom and nurture motivation among pupils: 

  • Having a personalised digital solution for developing reading habits will act as a stepping stone to get as close as possible to each student’s passion and get them excited to read and learn. Whether they feel in the mood for the “Three little pigs”, for “Peanuts” or for a scary “Goosebumps”, such platforms offer them a choice among infinite numbers of topics to read.
  • Having a platform with a Netflix-styled interface that offers your students personalised content will also help you to adapt more accurately to various ages, preferences, and interests.
  • With a multimedia digital learning platform your pupils will also benefit from features such as personalised reading plans and read-along capabilities but also reading and writing clubs where reading can turn into a collaborative and interactive experience, giving pupils the opportunity to write stories together, share comments and transform reading activities in a fun moment to share with their peers. 

ODILO, a personalised Netflix-styled reading and writing platform for schools


As motivation is one of the main forces behind learning success, it is crucial that education professionals work to encourage that flame of curiosity in every child and turn learning in a moment of joy. 

1.99 billion preferences, interests and ways to learn. Let’s not stifle this individuality but rather embrace it and bring up the independent, self-motivated leaders of tomorrow by giving them the proper care and tools today.