Latest trends in consumption among University Students

Latest trends in consumption among University Students


In this article, you’ll discover the trends in title consumption among university students: What content is capturing their attention? Thanks to technology, university students increasingly have the opportunity to expand their knowledge beyond academic training, an acknowledged reality within educational institutions. As a result, they are adopting teaching models that promote skills and personalized learning, reflecting the unique interests and needs of each student.  This has led to student learning being differentiated based on their interests, tastes, and needs, with universities providing the necessary tools for development. At ODILO, we have been working with over 8,500 institutions, offering customized content and technology solutions, enabling us to analyze the educational trajectories of university students and their behavioral trends and patterns.

Trend towards multi-format

University students are increasingly opting for learning materials beyond traditional books, whether in print or digital form, with formats like audiobooks and podcasts gaining momentum in consumption patterns. Learning, in this way, adapts to daily needs, allowing students to continue engaging with valuable content while driving, on the subway, or even at the gym.

Discovering new areas and Employability

It is noteworthy how so many students are not limiting their learning to their fields of study, as there’s a widespread trend of expanding knowledge search into other areas. Key interests among university students include digital skills, computer science, education, psychology, law, soft skills, and English language learning. This reflects an awareness among university students of the employment realities in the job market, with consumption trends highlighting titles that match the demands of companies looking to hire new employees.

Top 5 Titles Consumed by University Students

In the realm of multi-format content, students from Spanish-speaking universities show a clear preference for titles that support both their academic and professional development. The five most popular titles for curricular expansion are not specified in the provided text, but this trend indicates a focus on materials that enhance knowledge and skills relevant to both areas of growth.

Atomic Habits

The international bestseller “Atomic Habits,” available as an audiobook from Diana Editorial and Grupo Planeta, ranks as the number one title among users of ODILO’s university platforms. This reflects students’ drive and intention to become the best versions of themselves.

1. Fundamentals of Excel

Digital skills and office tool training is a significant challenge for university students from non-technical fields. As part of curricular expansion, supported by their instructors, they leverage university-offered training to master tools like Excel. The Smartmind course has climbed to the second spot in popularity during 2023, reflecting its critical role in equipping students with essential digital proficiencies.

2. Speaking in Public with Confidence

This course, entirely designed by ODILOCREATE, the Learning Experiences factory of ODILO, stands out among over 40,000 curricular expansion titles offered to our clients. The ability to communicate and convey an idea or knowledge is almost as important as acquiring and benefiting from it, highlighting the course’s significance in enhancing essential communication skills.

3. The Pomodoro Technique

Time optimization is one of the keys to success both academically and professionally, and this is evident in consumption trends, especially as exam periods and final project deadlines approach. For this reason, “The Pomodoro Technique” has become an indispensable title for our university users, as it provides key strategies to make the most of your time.

4. Learn and Quickly Improve Your English

Students are increasingly aware that we operate in a global world where working with people from different countries is becoming the norm. With English being the lingua franca of our time, the interest in acquiring this language is increasingly notable. In this title, “Learn and Quickly Improve Your English,” learning occurs through everyday situations and examples of different expressions that students can practice.

5. Bonus Extra: Man’s Search for Meaning

Education and learning extend beyond mere practical readings and skill-specific acquisitions. As proof, among the most notable titles of 2023, we find the classic “Man’s Search for Meaning,” a psychiatrist’s narrative of experiences in a concentration camp that leaves us with deep reflections and startling lessons. The university reading trends explored in this article reflect not just the current interests of students but also a window into the future of continuous learning. From diversifying formats to seeking knowledge beyond traditional academic boundaries, university students are paving the way in intellectual exploration and professional development. At ODILO, we are committed to closely following these trends, providing resources and content that not only satisfy students’ current curiosities and needs but also anticipate and adapt to their future demands. Our goal is to be a constant companion on the learning journey of university students and institutions, offering the necessary technology and content to achieve their goals.