How to maintain collaboration between employees during quarantine

collaboration between employees


Collaboration between employees is essential to enhance productivity and achieve greater quality in results, whatever the product or service offered.

While companies are betting on fostering collaboration and a strong corporate culture, maintaining it from a distance is more difficult. In this article, we share some guidelines to facilitate collaboration between employees regardless of distance.

Collaboration between employees as the key to productivity

As we have mentioned in a previous article, betting on the personal and professional development of employees is essential and generates positive impacts both for them and for the company. However, beyond individual development, it is also important to promote collaboration between employees so that their sense of unity grows and teams move forward together towards a common goal, through different elements:

  • Creation of synergies

By reconciling different individual talents, synergies are created between people and between teams, leading to greater performance.

  • Development of social skills

Teamwork also helps promote soft skills such as social skills, communication skills, empathy and conflict resolution, making everyday life more enjoyable and empowering employees in their responsibilities.

  • Increased resistance to crises

Additionally, maintaining a culture of collaboration and strong learning among employees makes it possible to preempt times of crisis, since a team with internal synergies, defined roles and clear goals, becomes stronger and more resistant to possible threats or imbalances.

Digital corporate libraries to drive collaboration

Nowadays, the flexibility of work leads to a very changeable labor landscape. You can work from your mobile, at an airport, from home, with colleagues on the other side of the world… Thanks to technology and the new paradigms of human resource management, distance has become a very common element in the work landscape.

However, this distance is not necessarily a barrier for collaboration; in this context, technology allows us to stay close. One of the ways to maintain collaboration between employees is to offer them access to tools like a digital corporate library.

Benefits of leveraging a digital corporate library

Through this type of platform, employees can not only access different types of training materials, but they can also develop in an environment where they can share knowledge with their colleagues and learn from them.

One of the features that help promote knowledge sharing are book clubs. Offering participation in book clubs not only allows employees to exchange information on any topic discussed through different forums, but also allows them to discuss these topics with experts or even with the authors of certain titles that can be found on such platforms. In this way they can share ideas while also learning to work together and analyze and discuss problems as a team, all without having to physically meet in the office.

These platforms and personalized digital libraries have the advantage of fully adapting to a company with work flexibility , and can be used both in the normal framework of an office and in work from home situations. They offer numerous learning and growth benefits to employees while also, through various functionalities such as book clubs and learning paths, fostering social learning initiatives and enabling employees to share knowledge, interact, and develop together. In this way, a solid learning culture is developed, achieving better communication, greater employee engagement and also reinforcing synergies between colleagues and teams for quality results and, above all, a healthy work environment.