Empowering your workforce to develop themselves on a professional and personal level – at a distance

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This COVID-19 crisis has forced many companies to reorganize the way they work and has many of us working from home and trying to operate as normally as possible, even remotely.

There is no doubt that the professional and personal development of employees is a key element in a company, and in these circumstances, distance may present challenges as you continue to try and offer your employees opportunities to train and develop skills.

Luckily, nowadays there are a variety of resources that can help you.

Betting on your employees’ professional and personal development

It is crucial for companies to give their employees the opportunity to grow on both a professional and a personal level. Offering your employees time, space, and resources so they can work to expand their knowledge, acquire skills, discover and learn about new topics, is as essential as providing them with work tools such as a computer or a desk.

In fact, investing in training and professional growth generates positive impacts both for individual employees and for the company. These advantages include:


  • Improving skills or acquiring new ones


Providing your employees with learning materials and resources allows them to continue training themselves in their profession, keeping up to date with the new aspects of the sector in which they work, improving the skills they need in their day-to-day or even acquiring new skills and knowledge that they can apply in the work environment. In this way, they can continue to improve themselves as professionals while also ensuring that they’re growing as people.


  • Improving well-being


Focusing on the professional training and personal development of your employees is also a way to improve their well-being at work, since their objectives not only focus on producing but also revolve around their personal growth. In this way, they feel more motivated and involved in the company, which makes them more creative, proactive and productive, positively impacting the development of the company itself.

How to offer a professional development space at a distance?

The confinement we are experiencing due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus obviously generates quite a few challenges for companies including the problem of continuing to provide their employees with the necessary resources for their training and learning at home.

To that end, technology is of great help and thanks to new technologies, your employees will be able to continue their learning and development process even if they are not physically coming to the office. Through digital tools that offer near-infinite high-quality content, they will be able to access titles focused on different topics of interest that will allow them to continue enriching their knowledge. Also, if you use an online content platform, make sure it offers an optimal experience, with personalized learning paths, specifically built to unlock the maximum potential of its users. Additionally, it is important to rely on monitoring functionalities, so that your employees can autonomously and continuously track their performance easily and quickly, through intuitive control panels and insightful data.

By using complete digital learning solutions with a great diversity of content and formats, your employees will be able to keep their professional and personal development process active, even when they are at home. To do this, they only need an Internet connection and an electronic device to access the indicated platforms. 

It is interesting to note that although this health crisis has forced us to consider alternatives in order to offer employees remote tools and resources, it is also pushing us to contemplate more deeply the possibility of using these resources not only as alternatives but as main solutions.