ODILO will present its “Netflix for Education” for developing strong reading habits at BETT 2020

ODILO will present its “Netflix for Education” for developing strong reading habits at Bett 2020

With the recent publication of the PISA 2018 results, and results deteriorating in some countries, it is clear that the importance of investing early in reading is more important than ever. 

Promoting high-quality access to education and improving literacy levels and learning behaviors around the world is at the core of what we do at ODILO. For all learners to be able to have unlimited access and interact with ebooks, audiobooks, courses, newspapers, magazines, and other learning materials, we have built the first “Netflix for Education”: a platform where students can develop their reading habits and deepen their learning experience thanks to personalised reading and writing programs, and important additional support from two key actors in the education process: teachers and families. 

ODILO will present its “Netflix”-style platform to thousands of school leaders and education enthusiasts during the Bett Show 2020, form 22nd to 25th of January. Bett is the first industry show of the year in the education technology landscape, bringing together 800+ leading companies, 100+ EdTech start-ups, and more than 34,000 attendees

Meet the ODILO Team at stand NM20, where they will be presenting educational solutions for inside and outside the classroom, designed to facilitate access and interaction with digital titles, learning paths and interactive learning clubs, and providing a place for students to exchange experiences socially and collaboratively, as well as facilitate teachers’ real-time interventions and families’ involvement in their children’s learning journey. 

Achieving a student’s full potential is key to developing critical skills in a competitive and rapidly changing job market and it’s precisely what ODILO’s solutions aims to do. 

See you in London!


ODILO is the leading provider of the platform for reading habit development and reading & writing advancement and considered by many as the Netflix for Education”.  

We work in partnership with government and companies worldwide to achieve UNESCO 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

We are passionate about what we do and strive to: 

  • Democratise access to high-quality education
  • Improve literacy levels and critical thinking skills
  • Promote lifelong learning
  • Develop powerful insights on learners and content activity 

We are proud to be supported by the European Commission to improve literacy across Europe and founded the ODILO Young Reader Awards – helping countries and schools foster and find the best young readers across their nation.

 We currently have access to over 140M of readers in 43 countries and are supporting nationwide reading and writing programs in both developed and emerging economies. 

Our solutions are highly engaging, fully personalised, data-driven, inclusive, work offline and online, multi-device and e-learning focused.

We today collaborate with over 5,000 publishers worldwide to offer over 2M titles of high-quality ebooks, audiobooks, video, magazines, scorm, and others, across over 40 languages.

To learn more about our passion for education, please visit https://www.odilo.us/