What is Odilo?

  • We are the leading intelligent digital content lending and literacy enrichment solution.
  • Partner with us and offer your own expanded catalog of high-quality digital content to all your learners.
  • Create your own virtual classrooms and/or book clubs for your learners to exchange knowledge and deepen their learning of digital titles read
  • Stimulate love for reading. Save money. Achieve learning and literacy objectives.
  • Upload your own content and personalise your experience.

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Intelligent saving

Our data-powered solutions encourage use of the best content available that meet the needs of your users.
Save significantly with access to flexible, content licence models such as Pay Per Use, and transformative digital benefits.

1 title per person

Limited License

Availability for 2 years or 25 checkouts

Pay Per Use

Rent for a few days and weeks


Simultaneous, multiuser access


12 months, multi-users

Odilo is trusted by innovative global organizations

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K12: CRA

Odilo: The Chilean Netflix of books
“The National ‘Read First’ program, in partnership with ODILO, is a concrete example of President Piñera’s commitment to improve the quality of education at all levels (...) and one of the most important plans we have in terms of quality of education.”
Marcela Cubillos,
Minister of Education of Chile

Public Library: Plan Ceibal

Odilo: Digital Library of Plan Ceibal, Uruguay
“The library aims to promote reading and contribute to equality, the democratization of culture and knowledge.”
Mariana Montaldo,
Institutional Manager of Plan Ceibal

Public Library: DIBAM

Odilo: Digital Library of DIBAM, Chile
“A large part of the public tends to read digitally. In Odilo we found a partner with whom we work every day to grow our digital library.”
Florencia García,
Director of DIBAM

Corporate: Elektra

Partner Library: Salinas Group
“We have won a national award for encouraging reading among our employees thanks to Odilo's intelligent library.”
Iván Portilla,
Communication and Welfare Department

Our offices

North America:

Denver, US

200 South Wilcox Street


Castle Rock, CO 80104

T: (+1)303-335-0223

E-mail: marketing@odilo.us

New York, US

149 E 23RD ST

NY, New York 10010

T: (+1)303-335-0223

C: (+1)303-335-0223

E-mail: marketing@odilo.us

Latin America:


Calle 79 #10-85, 2º piso.

T: (+57) 3173681235

T: (+1)303-335-0223

E-mail: marketing@odilotid.es

Buenos Aires

Juan Días de Solis 1860

B1638BIH - Vicente López

Buenos Aires, Argentina

T: (+54) 9 11 59126202

E-mail: marketing@odilotid.es


Edificio Villazon, Aguayo 3, Interior G Bis (Centro Histórico de Coyoacán),

Col. Del Carmen, Coyoacán,

C.P. 04100 Ciudad de México, CDMX

T: (+52) 1 5519591967

E-mail: marketing@odilotid.es


Cartagena, SP

Avenida Luxemburgo, s/n, Centro Empresarial Plaza. 6ª Planta

CP 30353 Cartagena


T: (+34) 968 08 20 80

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Madrid, SP

Velázquez 47, 5

28001 Madrid


T: (+34) 915 138 716

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