Reading: the ultimate employee benefit

Corporate library employee benefits


Among the multiple incentives that a company can offer its employees, training and learning are the most valued. In addition, it is an advantage for both the employee and the company. The employee increases their knowledge and skills and the company sees how the level of their workers increases continuously.

Training and learning are often linked to reading. The improvement of the vocabulary, the study and the development of new ideas, the reduction of stress or the development of memory are key aspects within the human resources strategy in a company.

Thanks to reading all these skills are enhanced. There is nothing more important for a company than keeping its employees happy and motivated. Training is one of the best ways to achieve this goal.

Digital reading is increasingly present because of the advantages it entails. In ODILO we work every day so that companies can continue to train their employees. Thanks to our intelligent digital library solution, companies can facilitate the reading and training of workers.
Reading is a benefit for employees

With digital reading we are introducing employees in the process of digital transformation in which the world is currently immersed. This way,  they acquire knowledge indirectly about a key aspect for the future.

Our solution allows the personnel of the company to have non-stop access to carefully selected content. From novels, magazines or newspapers to more specific soft skills, hard skills or training courses designed by the company itself. Combining learning and leisure we can never stop reading.

The fact that the company has an intelligent digital corporate library can be a good human resources strategy in order to attract new employees. It will serve the company to position itself against the competition.

In addition, the ODILO platform provides a fully customized digital reading experience. Thanks to our algorithm, the platform learns the preferences of each user. This way it offers tailor-made recommendations so that the user always has contents of his interest at his disposal.

Online corporate library

ODILO’s goal is to help companies improve the critical thinking skills of their employees and enhance the benefits of reading in the company. For this we have developed a digital book club solution with the following advantages:

-Communication and extended collaboration between employees.

Thanks to digital book clubs, employees can exchange opinions about the books they are reading. This improves relationships between departments that do not interact on a daily basis and inspire intellectually stimulating conversations that can lead to infinite possibilities.

-Foundation of the corporate image of the company.

With certain readings, the values ​​that the company wants to transmit to its employees and the general public can be enhanced. The best ambassadors for a company are its workers.

-Increase creativity.

The digital reading clubs are collaborative. Employees can develop ideas thanks to the readings they are later able to apply to their work.

Definitely, reading is one of the main benefits that the company can provide its employees. Digital reading introduces the company in the process of digital transformation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The ODILO intelligent digital library solution helps companies to bring these two elements together, improving the skills of employees, and therefore, of the company.

“All readers are leaders” – Harry Truman

J. J. Ramos